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Trauma and the significance of the tomb
‘The best churches are tomb-like places’, ‘The best churches emphasise and offer a big empty space in which people of all kinds are able to bring their battered and tired bodies….’

The ageing face of British Society
The ever deeper impact of ageing and the effect upon the village communities within the Dever Valley

Memorial Service Address
“And the faithful will abide with him in love…” Wisdom of Solomon 3: 9

Push-Pull & Climate Change Dependent Economy
If there is one thing we have all been reminded of recently it is that the world we live in is balanced very carefully on the principle of cause and effect.

The Children’s Society & Latest Trends
In 1881 the Church of England Central Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays came into being. That organisation continues to this day, now known as The Children’s society.

Falling in love with someone of a different nationality
One of the delights of being part of the global village is the increased chance of falling in love with someone of a different nationality.

Easter. Protesting Hope
The great feast of Easter is the Christian celebration of hope over despair.

'Notre Dame - What cost? Why?'
Within days of the great fire of Notre Dame $1 billion had been donated for its rebuilding.

Who is the patron saint of politicians.
Of all the saints, it is an Englishman who is the patron saint of politicians.

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