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Trauma and the significance of the tomb
‘The best churches are tomb-like places’, ‘The best churches emphasise and offer a big empty space in which people of all kinds are able to bring their battered and tired bodies….’

The Revd. Mark Bailey writes about.....
Self-righteousness and sexuality

The Revd. Mark Bailey Writes…
Whilst on a visit to Mexico earlier this year Pope Francis questioned the policy of the American presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to build a wall across the United States southern border as a means of resolving the illegal Mexican migrant issue.

Aftermath of the Paris Terrorist Attacks
Revd. Mark Bailey sermon 22nd November after the Paris and Bamako attacks

Revd Karen Kouseff sermon September 2015
"Not many of you should become teachers", says James in today's Epistle, "for we who teach" will be judged harshly [...] and "all of us make many mistakes".

West Dever News, April 2015
The Revd. Mark Bailey Writes in West Dever News, April 2015

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
Sometimes members of the congregation hear a sermon that gives cause for many to feel moved and to react with discussion and comment. On this page we have posted the sermon so people can read it in full.

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