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    About the Church of St. Margaret, South Wonston

    There has been a church of St. Margaret's in the village since 1909, but having outgrown the original one, we moved into a new church in 1996.  This was built in a partnership with Hampshire Education Authority, so that the facilities could be shared with South Wonston School and used throughout the week.  We also have a small chapel.

    Having been founded as part of the parish of Wonston, we became a parish in our own right on 1st January 2007.

    We have a branch of the Mothers' Union which normally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm in church.  We have a small choir who rehearse on Friday mornings at 10.30am.  The Friends of St. Margaret’s organise regular fundraising and social occasions.

    The parishes of South Wonston, Barton Stacey and Bullington form the Lower Dever Benefice, part of the Dever Group Ministry in the Diocese of Winchester.

    Who was St. Margaret?

    There are several saints called Margaret and we have no record of which particular one was chosen as our patron saint or why!  However, for many years we have regarded ‘our’ Margaret as being St Margaret of Antioch, a virgin martyr who is supposed to have lived in the 4th century, in the reign of Diocletian, and was the daughter of a pagan priest.

    The story goes that when she became a Christian at the age of 15, her father turned her out of her home and she lived as a shepherdess.  When she rejected the advances of Olybrius, prefect of Antioch, he denounced her as a Christian and she was then tortured and eventually beheaded.  One of the ordeals she is said to have endured is being confronted by Satan in the form of a dragon who tried to devour her, but the cross of Christ she was wearing swelled up so large in his mouth that he could not swallow and she emerged unscathed.  That is why our symbol shows a cross in a dragon’s mouth.

    The feast day of St. Margaret of Antioch is on July 20th, so we celebrate our patronal festival on the nearest Sunday to that date


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  • Who’s who?

    Rector: The Revd. Mark Bailey (Tel.01962 886883)
    Assistant Priest: The Revd. Karen Kousseff (Tel:01962 885114)

    Churchwardens: Mr Ian Souter, Mr Alan Gower.
    PCC Secretary: Mrs Melinda Samms 
    Hon. Treasurer:  Mr Alan Gower

    Gift Aid Secretary: Mrs Pauline Eames

    Mothers’ Union: Mrs Sheena Parrott
    Friends of St. Margaret’s: The Revd Bob Clarkson, Assistant Priest

    Contact us: enquiries@southwonston-church.co.uk

    Address: St Margaret’s Church, Downs Road, South Wonston,Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3EH.